Monday, 1 December 2014

Beauty Bible

Since I am madly in love with eyeshadow palettes and make-up brushes, I thought I should at least read something that could help my understanding of make-up alot more than I know now. Don't get me wrong, I do know the best ways to apply lipstick to make your lips fuller and how to create a sun-kissed face, but there is always chance for development in the world of beauty. This is when I took to the internet to search for some well loved make-up books and found some gems that I vow to read time and time again... 

Sali Hughes 'Pretty Powerful' 
This is the book for those who want to know why it is that you need that type of foundation for that type of skin. Sali details everything you should know about make-up and the best steps to take for the best results. I personally love this book for the explanations on how to dress my oily skin to make it look gorgeous, and if it wasn't for this book, I now know that powder foundation is a holy grail for my skin type. 
For anyone wanting to know the ins and outs of skincare routines and bb creams, this book is definitely for you. 

Raw Morris 'Express Makeup'
Pages and pages of glamourous makeup looks that you can copy yourself, whether you create it using drugstore dupes or highstreet luxe, this book is for the person wanting to try amazing new looks knowing the best steps to take to get the best results. 
I personally love this book for the simple yet extremely useful way of creating the looks in the book, I mean who knew cellotape would work wonders for winged eyeliner, well I do now! 
I honestly cannot explain how great this book is. From using subtle colours to create the most amazing looks, I can definitely agree that this book is for the person who wants to try something new or take their makeup skills that extra step further.

G.M. Reyna 'How to be a Professional Makeup Artist'
I love this book so so much. It has taught me everything I could ever know about being a makeup artist and I am so thankful. There are hundreds of helpful tips and tricks of working in the beauty industry and how they can help further your career. 
Before I read this book, I just expected everything to come to me straight away. I wanted to be the best makeup artist with all the skills and to be recognised already. But this book has taught me to be patient and to expect highs and lows on my journey as it can't always be a great path. 
This book is ideal for the person who is starting as a makeup artist as it can really better your knowledge. 

These books are definitely my go to books when I am in need of answers for why my primer isn't holding my foundation down as well as it should, or why that lilac eyeshadow doesn't look good with bright lipstick. For everything you need to know about beauty, these books are for you. 

Autumn Loves 

Friday, 14 November 2014

July Favourites

Hi guys!

This is my first month of blogging my favourite products, which I shall begin with making a disclaimer that this is all in my opinion and I am in no way trying to show off what I have! I just want to share with you all what my most loved and most unloved products of this month are.
I have been trying and testing various products but some of the products included are ones I have gained months ago but I have re brought them because I just can't let go as they are so good at what they do!

Most loved!
Starting with Tanya Burr lipstick. I have watched her blog for so many months now and I am so inspired by what she does and she is one of the people who has inspired me to create my blog and to really push myself to get my career started. If I ever meet this lady I will thank her so so much! ANYWAY back to what I am actually writing about!!
This lipstick is amazing! The texture of the gloss is just perfect. It can be applied over other lipsticks to give it the perfect shine or it can be used on its own for a subtle colour for the lips. Sometimes I do find my hair sticking to my lips, which many girls can relate to and this is definitely the most annoying thing about lip-gloss, but I love her range.
I only have one colour at the moment which is AURORA and I only brought this one as it is a really shade of nude/pink and can be used for my every day make-up look.
I will definitely be buying more of her lipsticks soon and also purchasing her nail colours which look absolutely gorgeous too! Especially the duck egg colour.

Next is the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks. I have numbers #26 and #01. I do have others colours somewhere in my house but unfortunately I can't find them :( 
These two colours are so different but I just love them so much! A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of my new MAC palette plus a picture of my eyes and on my lips I had a really nude lipstick, which of course it was #26. It's a really warm nude colour and it's perfect for wearing with bright eye-shadows as it enhances the colour of the eyes and it doesn't take away that effect you are trying to create. #01 is great for wearing with smokey eye looks and also if you are wearing minimal eye make-up and if you want to enhance the lips. The lipsticks are great textures and look great even if you smudge them a little to make them look more matte. Basically these are great lipsticks that I will keep buying. Thanks Rimmel!

Onto Babydoll Kiss and Blush by YSL. Who would have though about creating a lipstick as well as a blusher in one product!!? I literally can't explain my love for this product. I saw the Pixiwoo girls using them in a video one time and also saw reviews saying that they aren't actually as good as people thought they would be and that people hate using it as a blush because it doesn't rub well onto the cheek and also people disliked using it for the lips because the texture wasn't nice, so I decided that I may as well try them to see if they are actually good or not. Well....
First thing of why they are amazing - The lipsticks can be used as matte colours with one coat or glosses with two or more coats. If you do use one colour you can rub the lipstick into the lips more to decrease the colour and make it look more subtle. 
Second reason to why they are amazing - ITS ALSO A BLUSH! Just be aware though that you only need two-three dabs on the cheek to get enough colour. I learnt this when I first used it as I decided that using a whole swipe on the cheek was too little when in fact it made me look like a clown. Brilliant. 
I have numbers #1 and #12. Personally I would HIGHLY recommend using this products to my friends and family. 

If I ever run into the Pixiwoo girls, I shall thank them also for inspiring me to become the person I am today. I might not be where I want to be but I am definitely reaching for the skies to get there! Anyway, their brushes are fantastic! The materials of the brushes are exceptional and help apply the make-up on perfectly. Even though the brushes are meant to be used for certain areas, for example even though the brow brush does what it says on the tin sometimes I use it for applying concealer under my eye as it is the perfect shape and gets into the creases i want it to and it's a stubborn brush so it puts the product on perfectly and evenly. My favourite brush out of the ones I have is definitely the expert face brush. It's the perfect shape brush and texture to apply foundation with and it helps make my skin look super flawless.
 I saw so many vloggers and magazines talking about these brushes and how loved they were and now I can see why everyone loves them.  

My next favourite is the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in Beige. 
I've tried several high-end foundations (won't name and shame) but I've found that many of them don't sit well on the skin or they're too thick and heavy. However, this foundation is less than £10 and I vow to never use a different foundation! EVER. 
The texture is perfect for my skin type and it has fruits in the foundation so after I've applied the product my skin does smell amazing! 
There is one thing I would complain about though; it says it last up to 16 hours which on a night out with my girls, I can't really say it has done before. But i suppose with a price tag of £10 and the fact that it makes my skin look flawless and amazing and many people comment on my skin when I use it, I shouldn't really complain.
For a drugstore foundation it is brilliant! I would highly recommend using it guys!

These musks by Body shop are so handy to keep in your bag just to spritz over you to keep you smelling fresh and lovely. Mine have lasted me several months but I mainly use them for when I have finished work if I need to make a quick stop somewhere or for nights out. The fragrances are quite heavily scented so only minimal spray is needed otherwise you will overdo the fresh smell you want! 
They are only £7.50 which is a total bargain as mine have lasted months and are still half full! 
Body shop are always doing amazing on line deals such a 30% off when you spend £20 or more which is such a good deal!!! It's best if you sign up with them as they often send you emails with the deals on them which for me was a ridiculous idea as I have spent too much money buying stuff from them!
I have the fragrances Atlas Mountain Rose and Amazonian Wild Lily. 

The False Lash Effect Mascara by Max Factor is definitely up there with the best mascara's I have ever used. It makes my eye lashes look super long and I never really need to wear false eyelashes because of how good it is!
I brought the product on a whim as I watched Tanya Burr's youtube channel and it was one of her monthly favourites and at the time my mascara was a bit dull and didn't really do what i expected of it and then i tried this beauty. Im on my second tube already and may need to buy another one soon! 
I think this is a contender for all time favourite make-up product.

Last but not least are my MAC Cosmetics eye-shadow palettes. Oh my god. I have never loved any make-up products as much as I have loved these!
They shadows and products that MAC sell may be expensive but at the end of the day you get what you pay for. If your going to buy a drugstore cream eyeshadow, expect it to crease. It's not going to be as good as if you buy a high-end shadow. And this I can confirm.
The sleek palettes are very good and I do love them, but MAC have definitely got the best eye-shadows around and no one can compare with the quality and texture of the shadows, let alone all their make-up products. 
At the moment I only have neutral, warm coloured palettes as I am trying to build a make-up kit for my business but I am aiming to buying more colours soon to expand my kit.
For anyone that asks me what the best eyeshadows are I will always say MAC. For anyone that asks me who does the best make-up in general I will ALWAYS say MAC. I can't praise them enough for how good quality their products are. 

Most unloved!
Below is the Lancome Bi-facil eye make-up remover. To remove the eye make-up you have to allow for the product to soak into the eye before scrubbing away at the leftover eye shadows or mascara. I can't really say its my favourite remover that I have used but its not the worst. It does it's job.
One thing i can say is how soft it makes my eye feel after I have used it. Because of the oils that are in the eye remover, it makes the skin around my eyes super soft, so I can't fault it for that. 
But I can't really say that I will be buying this product again. I only brought it 2 weeks previous to this post and its already nearly out! You are supposed to use just one shake onto a cotton pad but its not really enough to remove all the make-up, even if there's only minimal make-up on the eye. I did only try this product because I had seen reviews about it but the product I will be buying back as I had used it so so many times before is the Clinique lids, lashes and lips make-up remover! Can't say a bad thing about it. 

That's it for my post today guys. Hope my blog has been interesting and has inspired you to buy the products or think about buying them! Let me know what you think. :)

x autumn